What is it?

iShot®  is an advanced system developed to reduce times and costs of fireworks shows set-up.The core of the system is the base that allow to plug-in, fix and electrically connect the single-shot in one easy action,  reducing the the setup 15 times.
iShot® is  Multimodular and, thanks to Quickclips® connectors, can be used in conjunction with all firing systems existing on the market.  iShot®  base has been developed and tested to ensure over 300 activation with the highest shooting performances, regardless of weather and chemical-physical constraints.
iShot®’s activation is given by an innovative igniter, who keeps the electrical characteristics of traditional electric pyrogen igniter. The sim
In addition, iShot® can be supplied on a rack expressly designed to be used with all existing firing systems and ensuring a fast and easy positioning of the various angles.plicity of use and efficiency of iShot® system allows, in case of a bad igniter, its fast and immediate replacement, without further manipulations.
Igniters can be inserted during the manufacturing process or during the show setup. The igniter is shorted and well protected from frictions and shocks, in this way is totally safe until the connection.
iShot® system is equipped with customized electrical interfaces, so to be directly connected with the most used firing systems. This helps its use with the existing hardware and further reduce the wiring time.

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